Cranial/Structural Techniques for Maximizing Brain Function & Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries: Chapter Meeting 01.18.18

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07:00P Continuing Education Presentation (2 CEUs)

Don McCann MA LMT LMHC CSETT, Continuing Education Presenters


This 2-hour Continuing Education course presents:

With advances in science new technologies have allowed medical science to identify systems within the brain that had previously been only imagined. First, they have proved the cranial bones do move and pump cerebral spinal fluid through the brain. Second, there is a very sophisticated system called the Glymphatic system that mirrors the circulatory system of the brain, pumps cerebral spinal fluid under pressure, and is the principal waste removal system of the brain. Third, there is a very extensive lymphatic system within the brain that is very involved in the immune system of the brain. Cranial/Structural techniques have been developed to work with all of the above systems and open the door for huge benefits for anyone with a compromised brain function. Imagine – these techniques can help a slightly compromised brain back to full function and they can even help clients with Traumatic Brain Injuries recover. Learn what happens to the brain with Traumatic Brain Injury and how Cranial/Structural techniques open the door for trained therapists to manually treat Traumatic Brain Injuries along with the systems mentioned above. This will not only treat Traumatic Brain Injuries, but also maximize brain function in healthy clients for the prevention of brain diseases as well as maximize optimal health and function.  Don McCann will lead a Lecture and Demo with use of a Massage Table with a Chair/Stool in Front of the Chapter Attendees while making use of Props, Tools and Supplies provided for the presentation.- Structural Energetic Therapy®

Founder, Owner, Director of Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc. since 1977
Founder, Owner, Director of the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy®
Master’s degree in Counseling Education
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Structural Energetic Therapist Trainer
Certified Structural Energetic Therapist

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It is required to Sign In By 7:00 pm and Attend the entire 2-Hour Presentation to receive (2) Continuing Education Credit (CEU). The Presenter will Record Completed (CEU) on CE Broker.

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Looking Ahead

01.18.2018 Cranial/Structural Techniques for Maximizing Brain Function & Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries | Don McCann MA LMT LMHC CSETT

02.15.2018 HIPAA/HiTECH | Greg Neely LMT

03.15.2018 To Be Announced

04.19.2018 Record keeping for the Massage Professional | Diane Murray LMT

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